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who is Sue Bailie?

about art walls

I was drawn to the arts from a very early age.  My parents continually fostered my creativity over the years.  When I was 3, my dad built a wall of easels in the garage for me to paint on.  My mother enrolled me in art classes that I went to with her.  We went to art galleries and local artisan shops.  When I was in high school we were living in Germany, and they made sure that I had the opportunity to travel to places like Paris, London, Russia, and the list goes on.  What an incredible opportunity it was for me to be able to see the world.  So much culture!  So much art to experience!

When I was in college studying my first career, Early Childhood Education, my father took me to the “Colour Your World” paint store, where he funded my vision for my first apartment.  Wall paper borders with bright corresponding paint.  And of course I can’t forget the huge underwater mural that I painted with my mother on my bedroom walls!  It was the early 90’s, folks, so I must say, at the time, it was pretty cutting edge.

Moving on to my first job in the ECE field, I met a woman who was painting a mural in the daycare that I worked in.  I was truly inspired by her.  This was her job?  She painted walls?  I really wanted to do that too, but had no clue how to start something like that.  I was only 20 years old at the time.  Little did I know that one day, 5 years later, I would be going to work with her.  We became business partners, and it was during this time that I gained the knowledge and skills that I now use every day in my own business.

This new and different approach to “faux finishing” has been an incredibly rewarding journey.  From the sponging and ragging techniques of the early 90’s, to a more modern approach using metallic foils, glazes and lacquers, I am constantly learning new skills and techniques.    This business is always changing.  I keep up with new demands and ideas by networking with designers and having a constant supply of home décor magazines.  I truly enjoy this work.  I look forward to every new project and challenge.
I have been creating luxurious custom focal art walls in residential and commercial locations throughout the Ottawa region for over 10 years.   It is with the use of artistic mediums such as metallic foil, glaze, Venetian plaster and lacquer that I am able to create such custom unique works.   These surfaces are incredibly durable and hard wearing due to the lacquer finish. The visually textured surfaces can be customized to your own personal taste whether on focal walls, ceilings or in an entire room.   Unlike wallpaper, these finishes are organic and artistic in nature, and the options are absolutely endless.  An art wall can be dramatic or subtle, shiny or muted.  It just depends on you.  Contact me to arrange a consult.

Some of my Commercial projects include:
Whalesbone Oyster House, Navarra Restaurant, Town  Restaurant, Urban Element  and  The Clocktower Brewpub.


The mediums for my paintings include plaster, metallic foil, acrylic paint, oil paint, glaze, glue, dimensional gel and lacquer.

Most of my inspiration comes from nature, textiles and music.  I absolutely love things that are shiny and have texture.  I try not to think too much about or analyze my work.  It’s simply just art, and there for the pure and simple reason of enjoyment.

Each work is original.  Commissions are also available if there is something you see that you love, but it is sold, or is a colour that you are unable to relate to.  Feel free to contact me to arrange a consult.